• 100% highland wool

Pakistan Ziegler Ferahan carpet

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  • 25311
  • 33,96 kg
  • 373 cm x 276 cm x 0.5 cm (L x B x H)

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Hand-knotted Ziegler oriental carpets, also known as Chobi, are visually based on traditional... more
Pakistan Ziegler Ferahan carpet
Hand-knotted Ziegler oriental carpets, also known as Chobi, are visually based on traditional Persian carpets. In order to give the Ziegler rug an original, used look, the rug is bleached in the sun and finished with sandstone. Not only the used look, but also the design with wide edges, muted colors and centered patterns was adopted. Due to its antique appearance, the Chobi Ziegler rug exudes a homely, lively atmosphere and fits into any environment thanks to its color scheme and for every style of living. Chobi Ziegler oriental rugs are made from high-quality new wool and impress with their quality and high durability. Convince yourself!
Manufacturing: Hand knotted
Material: 100% highland wool
Material (chain): 100% cotton
Fibre (height) in cm: 0,5
Knot density: approx. 155 000 - 200 000 / m²
Age: New
Shape: Rectangular
Colors: Beige, Red
Pattern: Flower pattern
Standard size: Runner
Width: 176
Size: 180x370
Length: 373
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